Saturday, November 19, 2011

Goldenflier 10 miler

Nice people, flat race, horrible route! That's the verdict of the Goldenflier 10 miler. It's two loops around a set of lakes. I thought that would be ok because I had ran that route before. It wasn't. Right up until the race started, the road at the start was still open to cars. Parts of the route that went along busy streets caused dozens of people to be crowded onto a sidewalk.

I understand that police are expensive, but that's just dangerous. The second lap thinned out and the sidewalks weren't crowded, so I guess that's how they thought about it. As I started the second lap, I still felt good. It was warming up, but I was well rested and hydrated. Then began the battle between my brain and my body. I wanted to keep at my current pace, about 10:55/mile, at least for two more miles. My legs, feeling ok, were ready to throw caution to the wind and my brain wanted to take the slow and steady approach. My brain won out until mile seven, then I steadily picked up the pace every mile.

I'm sure it sounds nuts, but I tend to talk to myself while I run. Under my breath, I'm steadily reminding myself of my keep my form, even if it means slowing down. When my body wants to blow through that water station, my brain has me mumble under my breath, that I need the water and a walk through the station wouldn't hurt. When I hit the halfway mark of most races, I give myself a verbal encouragement. On the last mile, it doesn't matter if people are around or not, I'm talking to myself about pushing it in and finishing strong. Yeah, I may be crazy, but I warned you about that in the first post. I ran the 10 miles in 1:47:14, two and half minutes faster than the first 10, which was only two weeks ago. Very proud of myself.

My new friend Brandon Williams of Claim Your Journey was there to cover it. Fellow running buddy Ernise also ran the 10 miles. I finished in time to run back and catch her in the last quarter of a mile and run it in and encourage her. I always loved seeing people who could do that.

I don't think I'll do this race again. I need one with more hills. But I feel good about the time and that I've ran 10 miles twice in such a short time. Onward and upward we go!!!